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Current Issue: 2018: January

Past Issues

December - Issue 3 : Public attitudes research, ISAE, ProHand Dairy, ProHand Pigs, Student awards
July - Issue 2: Public attitudes research, ISAE, ProHand Dairy, ProHand Pigs, Student awards
February - Issue 1Free-range layer research, Horse owner education project, Staff movements, Sheep feedlot stockperson training, Zoo research, AWSC/RSPCA public lecture
November - Issue 3 : SA partnership, Monash, ISAE, Mike Rickard, Haynes shelter research, AAWS, New students, publications
August - Issue 2 : Student awards, seminars, student research, ISAE, recent publications 
April - Issue 1OIE Centre; Mellor, Sandoe seminars; Tilbrook to SARDI, Student research projects, SA Pig Day
December - Issue 4: Student dairy prizes; ProHand Dairy training; Consumer trust; 
October - Issue 3: Pork CRC; Ohio visit; Cameron Ralph; National AW RD&E; Seminar; Publications
August - Issue 2: New scientist; New website; Student awards; Zoo project; Seminar; Visiting student; Where are they now?; ISAE
March - Issue 1: Culture effects; ProHand Dairy; New students; Broom seminar; French student; Engel award; Welfare of lambs; "Pig Day" out; Lameness in ruminants

December  – Issue 4: AWSC Welfare Indicators Seminar; New pig projects; Poultry Welfare Seminar; Alternative Farrowing Seminar; Intensive lambs; Cat welfare Seminar notification; Visiting Student
October – Issue 3: AWSC Advisory Committee; New pig projects; Dairy calf research at OSU; AWSC seminars on-line; Pig welfare Seminar; Poultry welfare Seminar; Simple science?
June  – Issue 2: Nominations AWSC advisory Committee; John & Jenny Barnett Memorial Prize; Laying hens in cages; EEG in dog cognition; AWSC Seminars; ARC Discovery; AAWS Funding.
March – Issue 1: Welfare of Lambs; ProHand Pigs; John Barnett recognition; New Dairy PhD Students; Breeding Better Dogs; Pain & Slaughter Seminar; Up-coming seminars.
December – Issue 4: Awards; Ideal Aussie dogs; APSA; Ohio Animal Welfare Symposium; Seminars 2009; Seminars 2010      .
September – Issue 3: ISAE 2009;Model to benchmarch AW; Online surveys; ProHand Red Meat Abattoir; Seminars; Snippets.
June  – Issue 2: OIE Welfare Collaboration; National RD&E; Sow lameness; ProHand Dairy; Seminars; Animal welfare education.
March – Issue 1: Vale John; ProHand Pigs; Edwards PhD; Honours Students; Dog owner survey; Widowski Seminar; Assessing animal welfare seminar; John & Jenny Barnett Memorial Fund.
December – Issue 4: ARC Discovery Project; UAE animal welfare training; National RD&E; Dog owner research; Farm animal research plan; Seminar Round-up.
September – Issue 3: AAWS Conference; Who’s for cats?; Horse welfare; ISAE, Dublin; Animal companions for life; Seminar; Canine Science Forum.
June  – Issue 2:OSU; Hen welfare; Shelter dog assessment; Chicken meat standards; Seminars; Animal companions for life; Greg Cronin.
March – Issue 1: AWSC/WA; Ohio State University Students; Calf rearing; Obese dogs; Seminar series; ProHand; AWSC background.
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