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National Animal Welfare RD&E Strategy


National Animal Welfare RD&E Strategy (pdf)

2018 Forum Presentations

2018 Forum Output/Presentations 1-5 (pdf)

2018 Forum Output/Presentations 6-8 (pdf)

2018 Forum Output/Presentations 9-11 (pdf)

2018 Presentations with Audio

Introduction - Tilbrook

Importance of natural behaviour - Schutz

Animal ethics - Gray

Public & consumer views - Coleman

Connecting R&D to the community - McMonnies

Satisfying natural behaviour in dairy cows - Schutz

Satisfying natural behaviour in laying hens - Campbell

Satisfying natural behaviour in meat chickens - Taylor

A higher perspective on natural behaviours and enrichments for farm animals - Hemsworth





2017 Forum Output/Presentations 1-4 (pdf)

2017 Forum Output/Presentations 5-9 (pdf)

2016 Forum Output/Presentations (pdf)

2015 Forum Presentations (pdf)

2014 Forum Presentations (pdf)

2013 Forum Presentations (pdf)

Exec Summary CSIRO Project “Identify and integrate measures of animal welfare that meet the needs of animals and society” (pdf)

Summary AWSC Project "Monitoring public attitudes" (pdf)


OIE Collaborating Centre for Animal Welfare Science and Bioethical Analysis

Brochure (pdf)

AAWS (disbanded)

Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) and National Implementation Plan 2010-14 (pdf)


ISAE Regional Conference 2012 - Massey University

Abstract Booklet

ISAE Regional Conference 2012 - The University of Melbourne
Presentations Part 1 (Flash required)
Presentations Part 2 (Flash required)


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