Past Students - what did they do?

Adele Arnold (PhD, Melbourne)
AgResearch NZ; Animal Welfare Officer, Dairy NZ
Rachael Gallaugher (Bindloss) (Masters, Melbourne)
Practice Manager at Greencross Vets
Rachel Bloomfield (Masters, Melbourne)
Operations Manager/ dog trainer - pet care & dog training company
Naomi Botheras (PhD, Melbourne)
Animal Welfare extension specialist, OSU
Kate Breuer (PhD, Monash)
Animal Welfare Policy Officer, RSPCA Vic
Puja Busch (Masters Ohio)               
Veterinary student at UC Davis, USA
Mia Cobb (PhD, Monash)
PhD student, Monash Uni – Enrichment effects on kennelled working dogs; Tutor, La Trobe Uni   
Sara Crawford (PhD, Ohio)
Beef and Pork Raw Material Vendor Specialist at OSI, Industries, USA
Jo Coombe (PhD, Melbourne)
Post Doc research fellow, UoM
Peter Cransberg (Masters, Melbourne)
Poultry consultant
Anoma Dilrukshi (PhD, Melbourne)
Post Grad Teaching student, UoM
Fleur Dwyer (D.Psych, Monash)
Medical student at Uni Qld
Lauren Edwards (PhD, Melbourne)
Lecturer at Unitec NZ
Trista Harvey (Masters, Melbourne)
Exhibit Attendant, Woodland Park Zoo, WA, USA
Lauren Hemsworth (PhD, Monash)
Post Doc research fellow, UoM
Tiffani Howell (PhD, Monash)
Casual research assistant, La Trobe Uni: Tutor, Monash Univ
Renee Huggard (Masters, Melbourne)
Veterinary student, Charles Sturt Uni
Marcus Karlen (Masters, Melbourne)
Equine trainer, Vic
Keven Kerswell (PhD, Melbourne)
Casual research assistant, UoM
Tammie King (PhD Monash)
Senior Behavioural Research Scientist, Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, UK
Amanda Ellery (Kobelt) (PhD, Melbourne)
Key Project Development Manager, EcoDev, Vic
Sonja Laine (PhD, Melbourne)
Seeing Eye Dogs Australia
Mariko Lauber (PhD, Melbourne)
Senior Project Officer, EcoDev, Vic
Jacqui Ley (PhD, Monash)               
Veterinarian, Animal Behaviour Consultations
Linda Marston (PhD, Monash)
Assessor and trainer, GOTAFE ; Lecturer, La Trobe Uni
Andrew McLean (PhD, Melbourne)
Consultant, Australian Equine Behaviour Center        
Kate Mornement (PhD, Monash)
PhD student, Monash Uni – Canine behaviour; Director, Pets Behaving Badly
Naomi Friede (Pearson) (Masters, Melbourne)
Policy and Legislation Officer, EcoDev, Vic
Jessica Pempek (Masters, Ohio)
PhD student, OSU – Dairy calf welfare
Bree Pierce (PhD, Monash)                                             
Clinical trials manager with a pharmaceutical company
Candice Powell (Masters, Melbourne)
Seeing Eye Dogs Australia
Cameron Ralph, PhD, Melbourne
Research Scientist, SARDI
Vanessa Rohlf (PhD, Monash)
Casual research assistant, UoM
Sabine Roussel (PhD, Melbourne)
Lecturer, INA P-G, Paris, France
Rebecca Morrison (Sargent) (PhD, Melbourne)
Animal Welfare research scientist, Rivalea Australia
Sally Sherwen (PhD, Melbourne)
Animal Welfare Specialist, Zoos Vic
Ken Smith (Masters, Ohio)
Auditor of farm facilities in US for US certification organisation
Anne Turner (PhD, Monash)
Senior lecturer, Deakin Uni
Neva Gladman (Van de Kuyt) (Masters, Melbourne)
Project Officer, EcoDev, Vic
Megan Verdon (PhD Melbourne)
Casual research assistant, UoM
Catherine Webb (Masters, Melbourne)
PhD student, UoM – training methods in dogs, Director, Southern Cross Dog Training
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