Program 4 - Tertiary and post-graduate education and training

Our fourth program area of education and training is supported by the outputs from research projects within our three research program areas.

University education at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels aims to raise the awareness of animal welfare science amongst students and to ensure that young scientists are trained appropriately to contribute to the exciting field of animal welfare RD&E.
Industry education and training projects are aimed at translating the results of our research into industry-ready information through industry seminars and training packages such as the ProHand suite of stockperson training packages.


Delivery of “Animals in Society”, “Animal Welfare & Ethics” and Applied Animal Behaviour” as undergraduate subjects and “Animal Welfare” and “Behaviour of Farm and Companion Animals” post-graduate subjects at the University of Melbourne

P. Hemsworth, R. Doyle, B. Stevens, A. Fisher, L Hemsworth

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