Program 4 - Tertiary and post-graduate education and training

Our fourth program area of education and training is supported by the outputs from research projects within our three research program areas.

University education at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels aims to raise the awareness of animal welfare science amongst students and to ensure that young scientists are trained appropriately to contribute to the exciting field of animal welfare RD&E.
Industry education and training projects are aimed at translating the results of our research into industry-ready information through industry seminars and training packages such as the ProHand suite of stockperson training packages.
ProHand® Pigs and Pork Abattoir technical support

Lead Investigator:                   J. Skuse, Uni Melb

Funding:                                  Australian Pork Limited

Commencement date:            July 2017

Completion date:                     June 2018

This project will asssist in the provision of ProHand training courses in Australia and will support the roll-out overseas.

Developing the basis for attitude-behaviour training programs for stockpeople in the sheep transport and abattoir sectors.

Lead Investigator:                   P. Hemsworth, Uni Melb

Funding:                                Meat & Livestock Australia

Commencement date:           July 2017 

Completion date:                    June 2018

This project aims to acquire collaboration with key sheep-meat stakeholders to develop a collaborative research proposal to evaluate the effectiveness of a stockperson attitude and behaviour training programs aimed at minimising handling stress and thus safeguarding sheep welfare during transport and at abattoirs and meat quality. A subsequent research project that demonstrates the effectiveness of these training programs together with the key sheep-meat stakeholders will ensure an effective adoption pathway

Dairy Farm Risk Management and Industry Resilience.

Lead Investigator:                  B. Davidson, AgVIC

Funding:                                State Government of Victoria

Commencement date:           July 2017 

Completion date:                    June 2020

This project aims to ensure that more dairy farmers will apply improved biosecurity and animal welfare practices in line with codes of practice.

Development of husbandry and management educational material for Victorian recreational horse owners

Lead Investigator:                   L. Hemsworth, Uni Melb


Commencement date:            June 2016 

Completion date:                    Dec 2017

 This project will develop the horse welfare assessment tool and test its effectiveness during an intervention study

Delivery of “Animals in Society”, “Animal Welfare & Ethics” and Applied Animal Behaviour” as undergraduate subjects and “Animal Welfare” and “Behaviour of Farm and Companion Animals” post-graduate subjects at the University of Melbourne

P. Hemsworth, R. Doyle, B. Stevens, A. Fisher, J Skuse

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