University of Melbourne

Josh Aleri  (PhD candidate)
Josh will by working on Dairy Health and Welfare. His research project will involve field work in Australian dairy farms, Laboratory analysis and epidemiological statistical associations. Josh will focus on dairy immunology and welfare to identify tools that assist dairy heifers to cope better during their transition stage.


Leigh Atkinson (Masters student)
Working on cognitive bias in sheep.
David Beggs  (PhD candidate)
David will be undertaking on-farm studies to determine relationships between farm characteristics and practices associated with scale of production and animal welfare measures.
Meghan Bergamin (Masters student)
Developing a duty of care education program for companion animal owners
Beatrice Chang (Masters student)
Visitor-Animal Interactions at an African Wild Dog Exhibit at Melbourne Zoo.
Samantha Chiew (PhD student)
Sam is studying the effects of zoo visitor-zoo animal interactions at display enclosures on both the animal and the visitor
An Diep (Masters student)
Early behavioural signs of sickness in chickens.
Joanna Engel (PhD student)
The importance of rearing environment, space and nests for laying hens (Gallus gallus domesticus) in cages.
Kristy Ficken (MPhil student)
Studying the effect of keeper interactions on elephants at Melbourne Zoo.
Sally Haynes (PhD candidate)
This PhD examines the human-canine relationship in animal shelters during the first 8 days in quarantine kennels, specifically the relationship between the attitudes and behaviours of human handlers and the behaviour and welfare of the dogs. The research will contribute to the training of dog handlers in animal shelters to improve dog behaviour, ease of handling and outcomes as well as providing valuable scientific knowledge regarding the human-canine relationship.
Maria Jorquera (Masters student)
The relationship between heat tolerance, milking times and temperament of dairy cows milked with a robotic milking system.T
Sarah Kuyken (Masters student)
Validating horse welfare indices
Hannah Larsen (PhD candidate)
Investigating the characteristics of free-range systems on the welfare of the laying hen.
Mark Learmonth (Masters student)
Effects of visitor contact on the behaviour of captive quokka (Setonix brachyurus) in a walk-through exhibit.
Jamie Mazur (Masters student)
Measuring cognitive biases in orang-utans.
Carolina Munoz (PhD candidate)
Assessing and addressing on-farm sheep welfare. 
Monoar Sayeed Pallab (PhD candidate)
Undertaking research in the area of assessment and management of calf health and welfare in dairy systems.
Lydia Rehnberg (PhD candidate)
Working  within the ARC Linkage Project, Human-animal relationships in zoos: Optimising animal and visitor experiences.
Maxine Rice (MPhil student)
Validating the use of proximity loggers in measuring feeder visits, displacements and social interactions in pigs in competitive feeding situations
Lauren Roberts (PhD candidate)
Developing a supervisor questionnaire for assessing pig stockperson handling and work performance along with developing a self-report questionnaire to assess stockperson attitudes, behaviour and technical knowledge.
Declan Sega (Masters student)
A Novel Method of Analysing Oxytocin through PCR.
Bronwyn Stevens (PhD candidate)
Investigating the hypothesis that restricting an animal's access to a highly preferred resource will result in altered biological function
Peta Taylor (PhD candidate)
Studying the behaviour and welfare of free range broiler chickens.
Amelia Thompson (Masters student)
Effects of handling programs on Green Tree frog (Litoria caerulea) behaviour and welfare.
Catherine Webb (PhD student)
The welfare implications of physical versus psychological punishment in dog training
Dennis Wormald (PhD candidate)
Studying the assessment and key features of anxiety traits in dogs. 
Rebecca Woodhouse (MPhil student)
CO2 stunning of pigs.


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