University of Melbourne

David Beggs  (PhD candidate)
David will be undertaking on-farm studies to determine relationships between farm characteristics and practices associated with scale of production and animal welfare measures.
Samantha Chiew (PhD student)
Sam is studying the effects of zoo visitor-zoo animal interactions at display enclosures on both the animal and the visitor
Sarah Cook (Masters student)
Working on conditioned feeding to increase feed intake in a mature gilt model.
Natalia Espejo (Masters student)
Investigating the feeding behaviour of sows and its relationship to sow aggression and welfare.
Kristy Ficken (MPhil student)
Studying the effect of keeper interactions on elephants at Melbourne Zoo.
Sarah Kuyken (Masters student)
Developing and trialling a practical horse welfare assessment tool.
Hannah Larsen (PhD candidate)
Investigating the characteristics of free-range systems on the welfare of the laying hen.
Carolina Muñoz(PhD candidate)
Assessing and addressing on-farm sheep welfare. 
Monoar Sayeed Pallab (PhD candidate)
Undertaking research in the area of assessment and management of calf health and welfare in dairy systems.
Lydia Rehnberg (PhD candidate)
Working  within the ARC Linkage Project, Human-animal relationships in zoos: Optimising animal and visitor experiences.
Maxine Rice (MPhil student)
Validating the use of proximity loggers in measuring feeder visits, displacements and social interactions in pigs in competitive feeding situations
Natalie Roadknight (PhD candidate)
Natalie graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2012. Since then she has worked in general practice in both rural and urban settings. In 2017 she commenced a PhD in Veterinary Science focusing on dairy calf welfare at abbatoirs and on farm.
Declan Sega (Masters student)
A Novel Method of Analysing Oxytocin through PCR.
Bronwyn Stevens (PhD candidate)
Investigating the hypothesis that restricting an animal's access to a highly preferred resource will result in altered biological function
Shuto Suzuki (Honours student)
Gas avoidance memory in piglets.
Peta Taylor (PhD candidate)
Studying the behaviour and welfare of free range broiler chickens.
Rebecca Woodhouse (MPhil student)
CO2 stunning of pigs.


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