University of Melbourne

Josh Aleri  (PhD candidate)
Josh will by working on Dairy Health and Welfare. His research project will involve field work in Australian dairy farms, Laboratory analysis and epidemiological statistical associations. Josh will focus on dairy immunology and welfare to identify tools that assist dairy heifers to cope better during their transition stage.


David Beggs  (PhD candidate)
David will be undertaking on-farm studies to determine relationships between farm characteristics and practices associated with scale of production and animal welfare measures.
Samantha Chiew (Masters student)
Sam will be looking at the effects of visitors on reptile behaviour through the manipulation of visitor-induced vibrations. Close proximity to humans have been found to be a source of fear and stress in some zoo species but little research has looked at the effects on reptiles. Thus the results from this project will enhance our understanding of how visitors and potential factors may influence reptile behaviour and welfare, highlighting approaches to optimize visitor experience and improve zoos in their role in education and species conservationres.
Kristy Ficken (Master student)
Studying the effect of keeper interactions on elephants at Melbourne Zoo.
Sally Haynes (PhD candidate)
This PhD examines the human-canine relationship in animal shelters during the first 8 days in quarantine kennels, specifically the relationship between the attitudes and behaviours of human handlers and the behaviour and welfare of the dogs. The research will contribute to the training of dog handlers in animal shelters to improve dog behaviour, ease of handling and outcomes as well as providing valuable scientific knowledge regarding the human-canine relationship.
Marcus Karlen (PhD candidate)
Lameness is a common affliction of breeding sows. However, lameness is difficult to diagnose, variations in the physical and physiological state of the sow translate in variations on the sow’s gait. Initially this study seeks to establish reliable and repeatable gait scoring to improve detection of mild lameness in sows  and then utilise this in the investigation of the importance of the level of aggression on the incidence of lameness in group housed sows.
Hannah Larsen (PhD candidate)
Investigating the characteristics of free-range systems on the welfare of the laying hen.
Annie Lin (Masters student)
Conducting a research project on how the temperament of exported cattle influences stockperson behaviour
Lena Ly (Masters student)
Conducting a research project on the welfare and social behaviour of free range laying hens.




Monica Mungcal (Masters student)
Examining the relationship between ranging behaviour of the laying hens and their behaviour and welfare in free-range systems. 
Carolina Munoz (PhD candidate)
Working within the assessing and addressing on-farm sheep welfare project which will examine the relationships between farmer attitudes, other job-related characteristics, farm management, profits and animal welfare.
Monoar Sayeed Pallab (PhD candidate)
Undertaking research in the area of assessment and management of calf health and welfare in dairy systems.
Lydia Rehnberg (PhD candidate)
Working  within the ARC Linkage Project, Human-animal relationships in zoos: Optimising animal and visitor experiences.
Maxine Rice (Masters student)
Validating the use of proximity loggers in measuring feeder visits, displacements and social interactions in pigs in competitive feeding situations
Lauren Roberts (PhD candidate)
Developing a supervisor questionnaire for assessing pig stockperson handling and work performance along with developing a self-report questionnaire to assess stockperson attitudes, behaviour and technical knowledge.
Megan Skarajew (Masters student)
Looking at the effects of oxytocin on the social behaviour of piglets at weaning. Weaning is a very abrupt process and is often associated with poor performance, growth restriction and stress during during the first week post-weaning. Therefore, we're trying to find strategies to make this transition smoother.
Sally Sherwen (PhD candidate)
Studying the relationship between the visitor behaviour and zoo animal behaviour
Bronwyn Stevens (PhD candidate)
Investigating the hypothesis that restricting an animal's access to a highly preferred resource will result in altered biological function
Peta Taylor (PhD candidate)
Studying the behaviour and welfare of free range broiler chickens.
Megan Verdon (PhD candidate)
Megan’s study hypothesises that pigs display specific and consistent behaviours, such as aggressiveness, and that these behaviours can be used to classify the social strategy (dominant, sub-dominant and submissive) a pig adopts when group-housed under stress. In addition, a relationship should exist between a pigs’ social strategy and its performance in terms of welfare and productivity. Consequently, her  study aims to test whether the distribution of strategies within a group affects the performance of individuals in that group, as well as the group as a whole. 
Kimberley Woods (Masters student)
Kimberley's project aims to develop a modified test to assess fear of humans in sows housed in farrowing crates that is highly correlated with a human approach test validated for experimental setting.
Dennis Wormald (PhD candidate)
Studying the assessment and key features of anxiety traits in dogs. 


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